Compared to other Tax  and bookkeeping services; we have the
lowest prices to meet your needs.
We will match or beat H&R Block/ Jackson Hewitt / Liberty
and other Tax  Services
Tax Service                                           Prices
1040EZ                                                                         Free 
1040A                                                            $65.00 w/o discount - $45.00  with Discount
1040                                                              $65.00 w/o discount - $45.00 with Discount
We will pay you ($25.00 per person) for sending new customers to our company for tax service!

$25.00 Discount for all first time customers
1040's Additional Pricing Per Schedule:                                       
              Schedule A                                           $5.00
           Schedule B                                           $5.00
           Schedule C-EZ                                      $15.00
           Schedule C                                           $75.00 to 100.00
           Schedule D                                          $25.00
           Schedule E, F, and R                            $30.00
           Amendments                                       $50.00
Forms for Incomes: We will prepare these forms for you
  • K-1 Forms                                                     $4.95
  • Most others additional income forms               $4.95
  • Form 4868 - Extension                                  $45.00
  • State Personal Income Tax                            $80.00
  • Form 1065                                                   $495.00
  • Form 1120                                                   $495.00   
  • If fees not withheld from refund a deposits is requirted for tax work:
  • Personal federal tax preparation -                  $45.00
  • Business federal tax preparation -                  $250.00    

Complimentary Services:
Review of up to two (2) prior years of your previously filed tax returns - no purchase or amendments required. 
Please Note: Review of the current year to be filed, unfiled, or unprepared tax returns are now available for complimentary review. We will do your exspense or payroll accounts and other services free for the first 30 days.

Please call for additional information about prices or service. 
Remember there is a $25.00 discount on all taxs service except 1040EZ.

Please call 713-636-2938 to schedule an appointment or email us at Arnoldwoods@att.net

Bookkeeping Service Provided and Pricing
  • Small Businesses - $100.00 a month or .60 per tranaction with minimum of 100
  • Payroll               - $200 per month or   .60 per tranaction with minimum of 100

Please call 713-636-2938 to schedule an appointment or email us at arnoldwoods@att.net or go to the set-appointment page listed above and leave your information; someone will contact you within 12 to 24 hours.